Hello from Mississippi!

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  1. lwill74
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    1) What brings you to Shapeways?

    I am fascinated with 3D printing and want to learn more about the process.

    2) Where are you from?

    Jackson, MS

    3) What are your interests or hobbies that you plan on using Shapeways for?

    I am an artist and graphic designer, so any form of creativity interests me. I also have a math/computer science degree that I would like to get more use out of.

    4) Your software (Don't have one? Look here for a list of known compatible software!)

    I am teaching myself to use Google SketchUp. I uploaded my first design as a DAE file, but the middle of my design disappeared, so until I get more practice incorporating 3D text, I'm creating my designs in Adobe Illustrator and using one of the site's plugins to convert JPG files.

    5) Your experience level

    Wet behind the ears.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Welcome! If you have any issues with your 3D modeling, please do ask, as we probably have someone that knows the solution for you.