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Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by HellJumper777, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. HellJumper777
    HellJumper777 New Member

    I go by HellJumper. I've been modeling as a hobby for a while now, and I just recently found out about this website! I plan on 3D printing out a model as a birthday present for a brother of mine.

    It's nice to be here!
  2. bitstoatoms
    bitstoatoms Member
    Awesome, welcome, enjoy.....
  3. HellJumper777
    HellJumper777 New Member
    I was wondering. I just tried uploading a model and everything seemed to work fine, except the smoothing. When I uploaded the .x3d the smoothing groups seemed to have disappeared. Do you have any suggestions on what to do?
  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Hi HellJumper,

    3D printers print without any smoothing, what you send in is what gets printed so you'll need to make your models smooth by increasing the number of faces (triangles) whilst trying to stay within the 500k triangle limit. Aiming for triangle sizes less than the minimum detail for a material is a good rule of thumb... this will also help to minimize 'stepping' on smooth curved edges.

  5. HellJumper777
    HellJumper777 New Member
    Ah... This makes much more sense. I simply forgot that smoothing only affects how lighting hits the object rather than changing the actually tris. Haha, now I feel slightly dumb!

    Thanks, though!