hello from Grenoble, France !

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  1. Hi,

    First, please forgive my english, outside of computer/programming related vocabulary, it might be a bit weak.

    I had not the time to present myself : I first had to subscribe to the beta, design, order, and use a nice replacement part for a broken robotic arm, and having an entry for the contest...

    And congratulations to the Shapeways team, everything went smoothly and took less than 15 days total time between seeing your post on BlenderNation and actually fixing that robot !
    This is incredible !!!

    Here it is : http://www.shapeways.com/model/1298/part_of_a_robotic_clampe r.html

    I will try to document more the process, but here is some quick feedback from the materials I had printed :
    - the ABS 'Cream Robust' surprised me because I did not expected it to be so fine and detailed. About 0.1mm had to be 'sanded' out from the 2 larger holes. It took only a few seconds and a crosshead screwdriver, and I could insert the metal bars inside, fitting perfectly.
    - the nylon(is that right?) 'White, Strong and Flexible' surprised be even more, as at first sight it looks like agglomerated icing sugar, sounds like porcelain when hit, and does not feel flexible at all !
    The sanding was 10 times harder though, had to use better tools, and sweat, etc. So yes it is strong, and yes it is a tiny bit flexible. Otherwise, I would have broken it in the process. Twice.

    But I am surprise at that :
    http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/33-New-monkey-baby-we ll-call-it-White-Strong-Flexible.html
    How can it be this flexible ? It is hard to see from the photos, but what is the cross-section of the flexible spring ? Does one have to push with force to flex it like that ?
    Do you use pure nylon for this material, or nylon with glass ?

    When I saw the Siggraph contest, I was eager to do something 'inspiring' so that a part of me might at last represent me at Siggraph :D ... One year I will go in person, for sure !
    So I tried to design something only doable with 3D printing, parts interlocked but still independently movable, without any assembly needed :

    Always nice to see Blender people doing great things, keep up the good work !
  2. pete
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    Hi Andre,

    yes the white, strong and flexible is Nylon.
    If you try to sand it, it kind of melts, therefor it is so much work.

    It is very flexible and not much force is needed. The spring is about 3mm thick.

    It is pure nylon.

    It is really a great design. I did not even see it is movable at first glance, thanks for pointing it out. Now we really have to build it I guess :)