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    Hi all,

    First of all, i didn't received yet my first printings but i would like to say how much grateful i am to Shapeways. Having created such a company with such a great concept is what i've been waiting for years.

    As a professional illustrator/cg artist and french comic book author, i've been always interested in stereolithography, not a very sexy word, but a real child dream... putting my inner world into reality is what i've tried to do for years with paper, pencil and tablet. 3d printing was for me the next step to give my creations some sort of real existence.
    When i first dug around in search of 3d printings solutions, years ago, i was quickly discouraged by the prices and overall quality . Then came shapeways ( which i thought first was an american based company ! ) and i'm really exited to eventually get my first printed models.

    Besides this, the shapeways guys seem very involved and communicatives with their customers, and this is a very comforting point.
    Furthermore the community here looks great and mature and this is another very encouraging point. I won't name them individually, but certain members posts were very helpfull to get me prepared for my first prints. Also i was very impressed by the variety and quality of objects already presented.

    By the way, ( really sorry if i'm too much talkative ) about my wishes with 3d print, for now im really interested, as you can see in my gallery http://www.shapeways.com/mydesign?user_id=21803 by board games and rpg miniature prototypes. I think there is really a great opportunity with this hobby and i plan to make a lot of test to see what's affordable and what are the limits of this great technology.

    Thanks for reading ! I'm not a forum addict but i'll try to participate as much as my job, my wife, my child and my hobbies let me to :)

    zoupla !

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    Hi tedparsec :cool: ,

    Welcome! And thanks for your compliments! Looking forward to see some of your models.