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    Hi everybody, I'm Andy! I have been lurking around for a while, but have been busy with other things.

    I think this is one of the most exciting businesses and technologies going, and it saddens me deeply that I have no skills, Cad or 3D-wise, period. The best I can do is slap a loreo lenscap on my camera and take 3D pictures of my dogs.

    I have a ton of ideas, some of which are tools for musicians, guitarists, especially, but I guess I need to learn yet another new thing. NO!

    I've read through the tutorials here, and everything is geared to either modeling-savvy people or complete novices who want words on their napkin holders. I am somewhere in between those two. I know exactly what I would like to create, but haven't learned what steps I should take to begin designing 3D objects.

    I come from a specialty metals background, especially cemented carbides and powder metals. I was a member of CISP (center for innovative sintered products.) at Penn State, and know the answer to any PM question you want to throw at me. I think shapeways should invest in a furnace and offer more specialty metal parts. But as I said, I couldn't use that service even if they offered it. I come from the business side. but not for lack of trying. I also make miniature sculptures by hand, but that is entirely different.

    Anyways, I stopped working last year to write a book, so I am virtually unemployed, just in case y'all thought I was boasting a little too hard for someone called unlearny.

    Any software suggestions would be appreciated, especially if one comes with a step by step tutorial. That is how I learn most things, without human contact.

    This will surely be the longest post I ever write, so don't fear.

  2. Hi, Andy, welcome! Just to confuse matters, I'm Andy. :p

    You could do a lot worse than to check out Google SketchUp. It's a great program to start out with for CAD as it has a really simple user interface, and it's generally pretty intuitive to use. Plus they have quite a few video tutorials on the website to help you through.

    If more organic modelling is your bag, then also have a look at Sculptris, which is basically Z-Brush Lite. You're simply presented with a ball of virtual clay, and a selection of tools to mould it. For such a tiny program, it's amazing what it's capable of, and it takes about five seconds to learn (that's not much of an exaggeration, either). :p

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    Welcome. There are modelers here from almost every CAD package available. So if you get stuck, don't fret, someone will be able to unstuck you. As Andy said, sketchup and sculpris are good pickup and model software. For more advanced free modeling check out Blender and Truespace. Blender can do pretty much anything any pay software can. It just has a learning curve a mile long. But it probably would be easier to learn with no previous CAD knowledge in the way (I have 7 years of AutoCAD from schoolin, and 4 years of KeyCreator from workin). It's very different from what I'm used to.