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  1. srspicer
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    Just signed up!

    I am getting ready to try out G. Sketch up, and then up load a file of my own design. I have been a traditional model/pattern maker for over twenty five years and wish to try the printing process to see how much time and money it may save. It will be a learning process but I am willing!

    I look forward to learning and sharing here!

  2. dadrummond
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    Welcome! Happily, the technology is new enough (particularly metal printing) that we're all learning together.
  3. joris
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    Welcome to Shapeways!
  4. magengar
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    :blush: just like this smiley right here sez, I'm green at this.
    Just joined, thanks to bro' Zamani who does amazing work
    you should check it out.

    I'm an amature cg animation artist... my favorite 3D object of
    my obsession is Mazinger-Z (also known as Tranzor-Z here
    in the US). I'd like to try my hand at possibly making plastic body
    part templates of my Mazinger-Z 3D models for my own
    personal addition to my Mazinger toys and figures collection.
    I use Japanese 3D modelers DoGA CGA L3 and Metasequoia
    for my work. Attached is a jpeg sample of my models
    in DoGA's .suf format.

    Looking forward to sharing my work here. Thanks! :)



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  5. magengar
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    Man, this is gonna be addicting!
    Some day I hope to print out my DoGACGA
    "Mazinger-Z" 3D models...
    I already have my own Mazinger action-figures
    collection; but I would like to own my very
    Own rendition of the character as an object I
    can actually hold in my bare hands! :D



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  6. kessy
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