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  1. gabeLamas
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    Hi All,

    I'm new here, of course, and heard this site did 3D prints, so as a CG Artist I thought I'd give this site a try.

    My name is Gabriel Lamas, and I am from Houston, TX (born and raised). I plan on using my skills as a 3D artist to print out my work. I'm now working with Maya for my modeling, though I will occasionally go back to using 3Ds max, and I'm going to have a necklace printed (modeled after the TARDIS!). So far I have a good 3 years of studying Computer Graphics in school, so my experience in a professional perspective is a bit lacking.

    I look forward to sharing advice and gaining helpful insight from you all,

    With regards,

  2. virtox
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    Hi Gabriel,

    Welcome and good luck with you first model/print :)
    Skills tend to grow quickly once people get into 3d printing ;)
    If you have any questions.. well you found the forum, so you know where to find us :)



  3. gabeLamas
    gabeLamas New Member
    Thank you Stijn,

    Thank you for your support. Come to think of it I do have a question. I would like to ask you if the alumide that Shapeways works with is sandable, solderable, etc? According to a teacher of mine it's best for me to do test prints of this TARDIS necklace to see if I need to make any adjustments to the model or the print itself. What I want is for the "final" piece to be in silver, and since this is my first time working with 3D printing he suggests I do this process so that I can save up on money. I'm also doing my part in having the insides already empty, but I want to make sure I get this model "right" without spending more money than I have to. That's really the gist of what I want to do for my first print.

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  4. Kimotion
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    hello and Welcome! I am also new to the group. It's good to see a fellow Maya user! I am an animator but starting to get back into modeling after seeing how limitless it can be.
  5. gabeLamas
    gabeLamas New Member
    Hello there Kimotion,

    It IS good to see a fellow Maya user, though I took a class over the summer so I could learn about the modeling tools. I say the tools really do compliment my own personal approach to modeling, and yeah, with 3D printing it DOES feel limitless. And that's a mighty coincidence, I have been wanting to improve upon my animation skills, so it's good to get to meet an animator around here.
  6. stonysmith
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    Alumide is sandable.. it is NOT solderable.

    Alumide is an admixture of aluminum and nylon powders. The nylon is melted by a laser and very effectively forms a glue between the aluminum particles, but the aluminum particles do not (necessarily) touch each other. Alumide is therefore non-conductive and it is NOT in any way similar to solid aluminum.
  7. gabeLamas
    gabeLamas New Member
    Thank you, stonysmith! Your advice is definitely informative and will help me in preparing me for making my prototype prints.

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