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    Stumbled upon Shapeways while looking for companies to run test prints on 3D models. I dont know if the file size listed on the upload page is set in stone (god knows I cant sculpt anything less 1million faces!).

    One of the test models I have been having printed loses too much detail in the printing process. I am trying to determine if my sculpting style will need to change or if I just need the right printer.

    I uploaded a screengrab. The problem I had with the last print was loss of detail, particularly the face, edges where clothing goes to skin, and the rings. If anyone has tested out models like this at 40mm and would like to comment on detail please feel free.

    doug at doughamilton3d.com darkfinal1.jpg
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    If you're trying to print that at only 40mm tall, you're going to have some loss of detail. Your model appears to have many details that will be below the resolution that the best printers at Shapeways can currently handle.

    The FUD material can resolve details at 0.1mm.. the various straps and clothing edges shown here seem to me to be below that limit.

    The picture you uploaded has the model at approx 650px tall.. if you'll do another render with the model only 400px tall, you'll get an idea of what level of details will be printable with 0.1mm details.

    As far as the million triangle limit, there is a forum post that discusses uploading a lowres copy that has exactly the equal volume of material, and then sending your highres model to service@shapeways.com ... they can swap the lowres for the better one.
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