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  1. reecejames
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    I came across shapeways back in 2008 and have only just now returned. Love the site and can't wait to start creating some models.

    First up, an HO 1:87 scale traction engine. Can't wait for this one to turn up in the mail.

    Traction Engine Render.jpg

    I'm quite busy with work so I have no idea how often I'll get the opportunity to create models. I will, however, be taking requests for any model railway parts people require. So if you have an idea and can sketch it, I'll have a go creating it.
  2. bitstoatoms
    bitstoatoms Member

    Is that design to be articulated???

  3. reecejames
    reecejames New Member
    Thanks drscott

    The model already is! :)

    Rear wheels spin with the axle and each of the front wheels *should* spin on the hubs. The front axle is designed to rotate and has a ball head so should have a bit of swing in it as well!

    I've kept the clearances in tolerance with the WSF and also the detailed, got a print in each so can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Dimensions are;
    Height 4.6 cm
    Width 2.9 cm
    Depth 8.2 cm

    This is my first model and first print, so I've been a bit experimental with the design. No idea if it will work as planned and am expecting to do a cleanup after I get it back, but fingers crossed!
  4. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    Now that is seriously cool! You'll have to tell us how it comes out.
  5. reecejames
    reecejames New Member
    I've been rather ambitious with this first model so fingers crossed. Submitted for a third time now. I had a couple of issues I've documented in
    this thread over here. Namely me not understanding the thickness rules, a mistake (I pointed out it was an easy fix and then didn't fix it) and a weird Lightwave to Collada geometry problem.
  6. XXL66
    XXL66 New Member

    awesome design. I wonder what software are you using to design these models ?

    I'm a AutoCAD user since v10 but for civil engineering. I don't have a mechanical background. I have been experimenting with Rhino but it is not really working out allright. I'm downloading Alibre Trial now.

    succes with the first print.
  7. reecejames
    reecejames New Member
    I own a copy of Lightwave 9 so that's what I'm using. It exports straight out to Collada and I just make sure to triple all my polys before I export. Sizing objects is prety simple and I've made an lscript to do a point to point check of distance in um.