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    Hello everyone and thanks for letting me play! My name is Mike, I am 39 years old and I am very new to this. I have seen the amazing work you all do and i am chomping at the bit to get my feet wet!

    I have, in the past sculpted models in wax and with various epoxy putties and then used them as masters to mold and spin-cast them in pewter. I would love to learn 3d modeling and print masters to mold from. I have quite a few ideas about what i would like to build but i have no idea what software to learn first! I would like to start building some simple mechanical parts, gears, cams and the like to build a machine I have an idea for. Can anyone suggest what software would be best for this purpose? Also apart from the forums here that I have been pouring over, is there a good source for learning how to 3d model or possibly how to design simple machines in software? Thanks in advance!
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    Looking forward to seeing your 3D printed machinery.

    SketchUp might be the easiest (free) software to start with.

    If you can get your hands on a demo version of Solidworks or Inventor they are more suited to moving mechanical parts as they have gear emulators.

    An ambitious start I wish you the best of luck.

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    Thanks for the information. While I am waiting for my copy of Solidworks to get here, I am reading the Solidworks Bible. Holy cow that's some dry stuff. I feel as tho I almost need a degree in mechanical design to understand it. Is there a basic book on CAD design that you could recommend that covers the basics and leaves out most of the advanced Jargon based stuff? I feel that the "Bible" is for folks that already have a firm grasp on CAD design. Other than paying $1500 for a 3 day class in this software I would prefer trying to figure it out on my own. Any help would be apreciated!
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