Hello All. Help Required.

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  1. copperpot21
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a Structural Technician. I use autocad, and have recently been using 3D Autocad. I am currently working on a project that would look really impressive if i could print it out.

    I'm currently using autocad 2010.

    This is my problem:

    I've exported my 3D Drawing and converted it into a .stl (Lithography) file.

    I've also download Mesh lab v1.3.1 and imported the mesh.

    I'm having problems uploading the file as the scale is out!!

    Can somebody please be kind enough to show me the error of my ways.

    I will attach the .stl file.

    I am also using milimetres!! is this a problem?

    The actual dimensions are L8990mm x W2990mm x H880mm.

    I am trying to get it to a scale of 1:50.

    Much appreciated

    Kind regards,


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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    So you want it to be 8890mm long? If I'm not mistaken that is too long for any of the Shapeways printers.
  3. copperpot21
    copperpot21 New Member
    Sorry my message was a bit rushed as i was finishing up at work. I'm trying to get it down to a scale of 1:50. :p

  4. pfeifferstylez
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    I've no idea what went wrong (I work with Inventor, and I use millimetres all the time... I just use netfabb instead of MeshLab to check the files), but it's pretty simple to resize STL's with Blender.

    Import your STL, then press "N" (to open the menue), apply a factor of 0,02 to all three axis for the scale, delete the old (huge) mesh and export the remaining smaller mesh as STL.

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  5. copperpot21
    copperpot21 New Member
    Cheers for your help. I've managed to do it using netfabb.

    Kind Regards.

    Trevor Child