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    Hi I am looking to design and print a detailed heart shaped box from an existing model I have downloaded from a free model website. As I am a novice in 3dsmax i am finding it difficult to achieve. If i was using auto cad I would make the model a solid object, shell, then slice the model in two parts or something along those lines. Can someone please show me how best to achieve this or give me some hints on the tools i can use. I have also attached the file if any one can spare a minute to have a look . The box is to hold a ring.

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    without looking at the model i can tell you how i would do this in MAX...

    it is similar in auto-cad... they are after all part of the same company...

    1st using a b-spline draw the outline of the box- in this case a heart- making sure that you close the line into a solid figure.

    2nd using the modifier stack- extrude the outline- this will give you the basic box.

    next you can either slice the box in half using the slice tool and then separating into 2 different parts. or you could mirror top to bottom and you will have the box top and box bottom...

    now to get complicated.

    3rd from the second option in the previous step you are going to need to delete the top poly from the bottom half of the box and the bottom poly from the to half... truthfully if you would have done this step before the mirror you could actually cut a step.

    4th on the top of the box use the shell modifier from the stack. this will give the box edges thickness and make it printable. there are some options you need to be aware of . you need to corner off the box to make it more uniform and hopefully you are doing everything to scale so you know how much to make the off set... wether it is the minimum or not- you need to remember that amount. because...

    5th on the bottom box half you need to shell it as well but this time make the offset 2 times the amount of the top and set the option on thickness segments to 2. this will set you up to form a lip.

    6th you are going to have to convert to editable mesh here so that you ca select the inside row of polygons and extrude them. the should be smaller then the top portion of the box and should fit snugly.

    to prepare for printing i would move the top up away from the bottom and you might want to increase the size of the top by lets say 1% so that the parts do not fit too snugly.

    anyways- i hope that helps you out.