Hazelwood Models - S&DJR No.25a Dazzler OO/EM

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    S&DJR No.25a Dazzler OO/EM

    The model is comprised in 3 prints each in FXD, FUD, and WSF ex.Shapeways;
    and second mailing of loose parts

    [align=center] Tank 1.jpg [/align]
    [align=center]FXD Print
    Smoke Box, Main Tank, Salter Valves, and Dome
    Sprue Incls:- Buffers, Buffer Beams Rivet Detail, Fire Box Detail
    Reverser, 2 x Jacks
    [align=center] Pic 1.jpg [/align]
    [align=center]FUD Print
    Footplate and Cab
    Sprue incls:- Cylinders

    frame 1.jpg [/align]
    [align=center]WSF Print
    Frames with Pony, Motor Mount, Cab Steps, NEM boxes
    [align=center]Second Mailing
    Etched Motion Fret, Motor, Bevel Gears, Gibson 9mm Pony Wheels,
    Wheel Inserts (to fit Gibson rims)
    3mm Nylon Fixing Screws. 2mmO/D Tube, 1mm Brass Rod
    Required to Complete
    Gibson 14mm Drivers, Crank Pins, Axle bushing; Handrail Knobs and Grab Rails,
    Small piece of Vero Board, Electrical Contacts and wire,
    3mm Tap, Glue, Paints

    WARNING, FXD and FUD are brittle when cold
    1. Identify and separate items. Keep safe in their groups
    2. Some parts have better access for painting before assembly
    3. Check loose fit of Tank and Footplate Cab prints. Glue early
    in the assembly to provide support for Cab during handling.

    In summary:
    1. Your Frosted Detail parts from Shapeways may contain uncured resin.
    Finish the cure with an hour under a UV-A lamp
    2. Follow up with a thorough cleaning, using a solvent or aqueous cleaner.
    3. Then paint with the paint of your choice.

    Current ebay.co.uk listing :- #301964803612
    or Direct from:- hazelwoodmodels@hotmail.com
    25th May '16
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    just wondering will this rather fine model be made available publically? I think I might have a few interested parties