Having Fun With Interesting Paints

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    Got a lot of things printed in plastic but thought I could make them a little more interesting with iridescent, color changing paints. Then I thought, maybe I should record it and post the videos online. Try and give potential customers some ideas of the kinds of things they can do.

    Edit: By the way. most of these are just sparkly, but last one (Mood Chameleon) is definitely worth checking out.

    Color Change Paint 01 - Chameleon Pendant:

    Color Change Paint 02 - Monarch Earrings:

    Color Change Paint 03 - Cthulhu Fhtagn Pendant

    Color Change Paint 04 - Mobius D1

    Color Change Paint 05 - Winged Cthulhu
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    Sorry, first post just looked like it was stretching kind of far and I wasn't sure if there might be any issues with posting this many videos all at once.
    Color Change Paint 06 - Dragonfly Pendant and Earrings

    Color Change Paint 07 - Triple Spiral Pendant

    Color Change Paint 08 - Wiggling Goldfish

    And this final one is something I'm probably a little more proud of than I should be, considering all I did was use some thermochromic paint I found online. It's a larger version of the chameleon pendant from before but this one changes color with heat. Yes, it's a Mood Chameleon:
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