Have you modeled eyewear frames (glasses) before?

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  1. tcpt
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    I am looking for someone who could create 3D models for me modeled after photos of a pair of glasses i've tried on once but didn't fit properly. I could also provide some measurements. The nose bridge would have to be modeled so that it has an Asian fit. What I need in the end is a fully functioning 3D model that I can order through shapeways and have lenses inserted. If you know how I can get hinges integrated please let me know. I am also open for creative design ideas.

    Looking forward to your reply.

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    hello im a profesional 3d modeler please contact me for the eyewear frames
    this is my mail
  3. tcpt
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    Hey guys,

    I did talk to everyone who replied, thanks for that. I had started working with a modeller from the UK but he suddenly disappeared.

    I need someone who has experience with glasses / eyewear frames and knows how to model hinges.

    I have all measurements of a pair of glasses that fit me, I even have a full 3D model of my body (as stl file), so I think that would make your work easier.

    Looking forward to messages.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Private message sent