Have you got experience in additive manufacture and the domestic market? Paid questionnaire below..

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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently studying Product Design at Loughborough University and am doing my final year dissertation on "The barriers opposing widespread adoption of additive manufacture in domestic markets."

    I am looking for people with experience or knowledge in 3D printing and the domestic market to fill out a 25 minutes questionnaire. Once I have the results and the analysis of my paper (this weekend), I'll be sure to share the results in this thread.. Should be interesting! :)

    The questionnaire is an attached word document. Once filled out, email it to me with your paypal email and I'll send you $15USD for your time ASAP. (Full details in document) There are however two conditions to this survey:

    1. Please make sure that you only fill in the survey if you have sufficient knowledge / experience in the area! Feel free to read through the questions if unsure.
    2. It is first come first served! I am looking for 5 replies to the survey (can only afford 5!), and it is advertised elsewhere - so if interested, will be worth replying soon. I will update this post as soon as 5 successful questionnaires have been sent back.


    Thanks for your time, and feel free to pass this on!


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    3 Replies left :D
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    Additional info: Barney had a chat with me before posting this survey. I felt that, as he's giving the results back to the community, we should try and help him.


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    Thanks Bart,

    Looking for two more replies :)
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    Just wanted to say a thanks to everyone for the replies, some really interesting points of view!

    I'll be able to make a synopsis available this weekend,