Have files that need split up/ minor corrections made.

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  1. Mechanoid
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    I, and my friends are not 3D modelers, We do not have the programs or the skills. We have files that were made by other 3D modelers who have vanished that require splitting up, slight enlargements, and very minor corrections that need to be made. We do have some .obj files as well that just need some tweeking done.

    These files are ours, we paid 3D modelers to create them for us. We would be willing to pay half upfront, the rest once the file is done. There is nothing that needs to be designed, just minor repairs to some, but mainly just taking large files, and splitting them up into much smaller files.

    If your willing to work with us, and fallow through with what you say, send us a private message thru ShapeWays, please.

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    Pm sent
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    Private Message sent
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    Thank you all for your responses. We got so many, having troubles going thru them.
    If you responded and haven't gotten a reply back yet. Be patient, we are reading
    thru them as best as we can.

    Samantha, Lynne, Marcie
    @The Verse