Have 3d Model, Want To Print Figure, But Am Absolutely Clueless?

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    Hello Shapeway forums!

    Some time ago, there was a designer I used to purchase figures from, but they stopped printing and selling. However, they gave me some character models so that I could take them someplace else and get them printed!

    The thing is... I have no idea what I'm doing. I try to upload the files here, but then I get a message saying "these materials are not available for that size" and it lists... all the materials.

    I think... my files might be too small? So I'm wondering;

    1. How do I resize the entire model? I can't even seem to open the files in meshlab... I'm not even sure what format they need to be in (I have them as .zip but even when I extract them, I can't open them with meshlab... like I said, I'm absolutely clueless).

    or 2. Would anyone be willing to help me out and resize them for me? Ideally I'd like a 6inch figure in the colored sandstone if that's possible!

    Any help would be very appreciated! I've never done this before :)

    The models are of Jack and Aria from Mass Effect, in case anyone's curious!

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  2. kaadesign
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    You can scale the model directly on Shapeways:


    Change height or percentage and/or change /check units

  3. nixonsandberg
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    Well! That's awesome! I'm surprised I didn't see that at first... my bad! Thank you very much for pointing it out!