Hats off to the staff of Shapeways!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bvr, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Today I spent the entire afternoon in my local university's 3d printing lab. They have 2 different 3d printers, 1 is a Zcorp color powder based machine, 1 dimension abs printer, a 5 axis cnc and a cnc router, 2 50W CO2 lasers and a next 3d scanner.

    After watching the staff deal with build table cleaning, print head cleaning, part cleaning, wrong type of material in the lasers, incorrect part fixturing in the cnc's, memory addressing errors on the 3d scanner, incorrect file types, corrupt files, files missing textures, non-mani files and a slew of other issues.
    All on a much much smaller scale than Shapeways...the staff of Shapeways should be commended for getting the volume of work done that they do!!!

    Anyone who has a hard time understanding why your model might not be quite perfect should go see a 3d print house and just stand around and watch what goes on!

    I have a much better understanding of the complexities involved with this industry, going in the shop to machine my parts is a cakewalk by comparison.

    I have been told I can come in anytime and print my own items, guess what, I will still send my files to Shapeways. It is far easier to just send my files in and get my finished items shipped right to me!

    Thanks again Shapeways for making this all so easy!

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    Thank you so much bvr, I'll make sure the whole team sees this!

    We do work really hard to make it "look easy"! Obviously we want to constantly improve but it's really nice to hear positive feedback, it makes us get up in the morning!

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    Yeah, I think about how I despise dealing with ink printers. Add another dimension and a bunch of powder... I'm glad you guys do it, so I don't have to.
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    One more dimension </pedant>.
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    Woot!!! Awesome! :D
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    Yes, yes, that is what I meant.
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    I liked your post before the edit...you had a 4d printer :D phooey on physics..har har