Has anyone worked with Structure Sensor

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  1. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Structure (http://structure.io/) makes an add-on device for iPads to do 3d scanning.
    I know that Shapeways has one (or more), but I was wondering if anyone else in the community had experience with them?

    In particular, I'm wondering:
    - other than humanoids, what range of sizes of objects can it reliably scan?
    --- could it be used to scan large objects like a car?
    --- could it be used to scan huge objects like a building?
    --- could it be used to scan small objects such as a 15cm figurine?
    - how accurate is the geometry of the models versus the sizes above?
    - are they high-polygon models or low-polygon?
    - could someone share the file from one of the scans?

    - anyone want to let me borrow one for a month or two? I'd return it by at least... 2018..... <GRIN>
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  2. __DF__
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    (I am planning to buy one, once I have the money)

    To me, the only available scanning method is 123D Catch right now. I don't have an iPad to consider buying another scanning device, and Structure Sensor works with iPhones too.
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  3. __DF__
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    I bought the structure sensor. I will show you 3D scans very soon. Very satisfied so far.
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  4. __DF__
    __DF__ Member
    @stonysmith regarding your questions:

    1. It can definitely scan other than humanoids. They also provide an app named "room capture" but haven't used it yet (I only own this sensor for less than 2 weeks).

    Here is a capture with the structure sensor (totally un-processed):
    Ceramic cow

    Same object with 123D Catch (processed):
    Ceramic cow

    maybe, planning to find out.

    I don't think so. You need to walk all around the building in order to scan it. You should also keep the building "framed" in the iPad to do this, so I don't think this is an easy task.

    According to Occipital (the company who makes the Structure Sensor) small objects are difficult to scan and may not get scanned correctly. However, even if I haven't scanned a small object yet, I think it will make it.

    There are 2 different ways to scan. 1st is to use their native Structure software with/or without Scannect (for color scans). 2nd is to use another Occipital's software called itSeez3D. In my opinion, one can get better results by using itSeez3D in terms of color quality.
    By now, I can only compare 123D vs Structure sensor, so I think that the Structure sensor is better in terms of accuracy too. However, I wouldn't say that 123D is useless compared to the Structure sensor, as Autodesk is keeping their software under continuous development and they come up with better results every time they release their new software version.

    That depends of the scanning time. You can scan an object only by making a quick walk around it with the iPad, but you can also come back again and again to improve the scan. That makes the result high or low polygon, also more accurate or not (this is only when using their native Structure software, not sure yet if this works with itSeez3D).

    I can give you both cows that are listed above, (the source scans so you can compare yourself). Keep in mind, that the both cow scans, were scanned under -almost- the same environment, while I took and lots of photos for 123D Catch and shot VERY carefully, (I did it in order to avoid post process).
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  5. jordanbanks
    jordanbanks Well-Known Member
    Hello I have just started using the scanner and find it a little difficult in the detailed department but that could be cause I have to configure which to do so you need a sunny area. If anyone has any tricks or tips it would really help thank you.


  6. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    hello there i recently purchased the structure scanner and i will admit i have never done this scanning stuff before, i did manage to scan a few items but thats the most, i still am trying to figure how to get it up to a file to edit and fix,

    my main thing is i make miniatures items, max size between 30x30MM so when i try to use the structure scanner i can't get so close to my item and u loose quality, i believe i've heard of someone using the structure sensor with a macro lens but info is a bit hard to find

    any tips will be grateful

    thanks to all
  7. mitchmaguny
    mitchmaguny Member
    Hi guys how you you set the structure sensor so that it is compatible with shapeways printing?

    I did a scan of my cat on my sofa and the detail was amazing but when i uploaded it to shapeways it would only allow me to do a very tiny print out.I wanted a 5cm print but it would only allow 80mm.
  8. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    With FullColorSandstone, you can go up to 250 × 380 × 200 mm
    Is it possible that you uploaded using the wrong units?
  9. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Something is wrong here - 80mm is 8cm already (and as stonysmith wrote, "sandstone" can go bigger than that, the 80mm figure looks more like the upper limit for wax and the metals cast from it).
  10. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Another thing you can do is set the scale within Shapeways. Just sign in and go here. Click 3D tools as shown in my screen capture. Once in 3D tools, you can select the material you want and then click on the scale button to scale it to the size you want and then click the order button to order it in that material.

    Click 3D tools.png

    If you have further problems you can click the Share For Feedback button on the 3D tool page and post the link here and we can help further.
  11. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    if you have a skanect subscription it will allow you to send it directly to shapeways
  12. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    i have one and used it a little only, here is one for demonstration

    this is skanect program on my mac and a structure sensor (isense iPhone 3d scanner) on my iPhone 7+ - NOTE: the scanner is a bit of balance because the phone case i am currently using is for the iPhone 6+ but since the camera position is a bit different than the iPhone 7+ i am a bit off also

    opinion: i like it because it is small, no strings attached and connects wifi

    IMG_0789.JPG this is the options i used
    IMG_0791.JPG this is the settings i scanned with
    IMG_0792.JPG i scanned a my laptop next to a printer on a dresser, a mouse, lighter, cups, and glue stick and apple watch,

    the last pic show a reconstruction tab with a option to reset and fusion - as you can see it says to perform a reconstruction

    it gives you options like processor CPU - GPU
    and options for fidelity - LOW - MED - HIGH

    i ran a Processor CPU and Fidelity - MED reconstruction

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  13. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    IMG_0793.JPG this is the progress tab - here you will have further options to clean up/repair the scans mesh - geometry - color

    IMG_0794.JPG i ran the watertight mesh option with the smoothing option on medium
    IMG_0795.JPG here you have a option to do a external edit
    IMG_0796.JPG in the geometry section you can simplify the faces (i did not use this option)
    IMG_0797.JPG in the geometry section i ran the fill in holes option- this is the settings i used
    Strategy - watertight
    smoothing - Medium
    Limit - none

    in the bottom right it displays info like vertices and faces

    NOTE: the number increased from V: 229715 / F: 430018 to what shows on this pic

    IMG_0798.JPG in this tab you can move and crop the scan (i did not use this option)
    IMG_0799.JPG in this tab you can remove unwanted parts (i did not use this option)
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  14. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    here we get to the color section

    IMG_0800.JPG here are the colorize options available (i did not run this option)
    IMG_0801.JPG here are the paint colorless option ( i did not run this option)
  15. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    an the the last tab is share:
    IMG_0803.JPG local section allows you to save and export model i saved it using
    format - PLY
    colors - per-vertex
    # faces - FREE version limits you to 5000 faces
    scale - meters
    color spacing - sRGB
    to export using other formats it requires a PRO license $$$ (PLY. was the only free option)

    IMG_0804.JPG on the web section you can upload to skecthfab (looks like no PRO license is required)

    IMG_0805.JPG on the 3d print section you can upload to competitive service (looks like no PRO license is required)

    IMG_0806.JPG on the 3d print section you can upload to shapeways (PRO license is required) i don't have PRO license

    i took the PLY. file from skanect and uploaded it to meshmixer

    IMG_0807.JPG this what i get when uploaded to meshmixer looks like it lost quality, it looked better before it was exported
  16. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    my answers are in red above with the questions
  17. 3DScaleRC
    3DScaleRC Member
    it won't allow me to upload the PLY. file so PM me with a email to send it to
  18. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Very interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. The PLY files you sent both are set to a limit of 5000 faces down from 458,890.
    That'd be useless for anything I'd wish to do.
  19. mitchmaguny
    mitchmaguny Member
    Maybe i will look into it thanks.
  20. mitchmaguny
    mitchmaguny Member
    Thank you