Has Anybody Painted the White, Strong Flexible Material?

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by retalsmas, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. akshay_d21
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    Hi Guys! Thanks for this thread. Can I use Testors enamel paint without any sanding first ?
    And will clear spray acrylic work for the sheen coat ? thanks! :)
  2. TrentTroop
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    I've had a great deal of luck with acrylics thinned with rubbing alcohol and applied in multiple thin coats. The reduced surface tension from the rubbing alcohol lets the porous surface soak up the material and speeds drying, and after a few coats, when the color is even and rich, additional detail work doesn't bleed because the pores are already filled in. Its what I used on the P.E.S.T. sample print:

  3. shapeape
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    If you are looking to just rattle can paint a nylon SLS part (white strong flexible).

    I have parts that live outdoors that need to be painted.

    I really like Sherwin Williams Bonding Primer, spray can. It sticks well, coats well, and it sands good. It's not thick like a sanding primer, but light sanding is fine.

    Overcoat it with an exterior spray like Rustoleum Spray Enamel, or whatever you like.

    I've tried Krylon primer for plastic, it sticks well, but is a very thin coat. It doesn't cover the porous nylon as well as the Sherwin Williams.

    Be sure to wash the part well, use a scrub brush as the surface is porous and has uncured nylon powder embedded in it. And let it dry.