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    Today I added a new product to my shop, The Proclaim-omatic Wobbling Desk Toy.

    You can see the Proclaim-omatic in action here at Imgur.com.

    This is a major milestone, for me, as it rounds out my plan for an initial product line offering "beauty, utility, and deep inner meaning, served up with a dollop of fun".

    I began this journey four years ago, in 2014. I came to Shapeways to produce a metal component for an oil lamp I designed starting in Tokyo about 1995. Then Shapeways introduced ceramic, then porcelain, and so I could manufacture the entire lamp. I reasoned I needed a product line around the lamp to support sales, and so began a new leg of the journey. Shapeways shot the light out of my shop window when they had to discontinue porcelain (they had done splendid, careful work), but at last I have rebuilt.

    "Nanakorobi yaoki" say the Japanese - "get knocked down seven times, get up eight". The Proclaim-omatic Wobbling Desk Toy expresses the Japanese spirit of "Gambaru" with a giggle. I hope it provides you with memorable moments of enjoyment, along with my other products at Happy Hermit 3D.

    I hope this shop will shape up into a destination storefront in the Shapeways stable of designers, and perhaps be worthy of a "Feature This" come Christmas (once I improve the photography).

    Thank you Shapeways, for making my dreams real.
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