Hair pulling - FIXED

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by daviesbobuk, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. daviesbobuk
    daviesbobuk Well-Known Member
    Just when you think you have mastered this upload lark. Wham, two files are driving me potty.

    The first has inverted normals.
    The second the dreaded manifold.

    My software seems to say I have fixed them, but..............

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  2. WiKKiDWidgets
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    Well I can't very well sit here and let you go bald now can I?

    Didn't see anything glaringly wrong with this one, I just re-oriented the normals, and it uploaded fine.

    Found an extra Face on one of the windows so removed it. Uploads fine now.

    Try theese and let me know...



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  3. daviesbobuk
    daviesbobuk Well-Known Member
    What can I say. I must be having a bad hair day, or my software cannot fix far enough.................

    Thanks, those files have now uploaded, so I can check out the next stage of my project.
  4. WiKKiDWidgets
    WiKKiDWidgets New Member
    Groovy! :D

    Please suffix your original post with <FIXED> so others won't be obliged to download and fix.