H0 scale Beyer-Garratt CFA 231-132 BT1

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  1. schneidw
    schneidw New Member
    Hello Shapewayers,
    I thought I should also present my recently finished 3d construction and share my excitement with you.
    The model is one of the famous Garratt-type steamengines delivered to the Chemins de fer Algériens bevor WWII. It's not only in reality an impressive beast but also as a model in H0 scale. It's length in 1:87 is a stunning 338 mm (more than 1 foot!).
    I've made some interesting experience specifically concerning smoothing and painting of the different surfaces.
    Hope you enjoy the pics.

    HPIM2044w.JPG HPIM2063w.jpg
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  2. Delete07022015
    Delete07022015 New Member
    Great work. All the pieces were 3d-printed?
  3. schneidw
    schneidw New Member
    Certainly not. Wheels, buffers and some small parts like handrail knobs, etc, are available from model trains shops. The whole drive system with all the rods, levers and other fixed and moving parts were photoetched in 0.5mm nickelsilver. So, 3d printed parts are only few but of course very important anyway.
    Thanks for your inquiry. Werner
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  4. Delete07022015
    Delete07022015 New Member
    A great job anyway, Werner.
  5. jzichek
    jzichek New Member
    That is incredible! I am curious as to how much extra finishing was necessary to remove the layering and achieve a uniformly smooth surface. I'd like to see an in-depth build of the vehicle, if you photographed the different stages of the process. It's one of the best looking scale models I've seen here on Shapeways and a great inspiration to modelers of all genres.

    Again, bravo! I am not a train hobbyist, but this is an impressive achievement.

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  6. Chassoz
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  7. schneidw
    schneidw New Member
    Hi Jared,
    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments.
    I had the parts printed in FD and FUD when SW faced serious problems with FD/FUD printing. I had to buy an ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of all the wax and other white stuff on the surface. After that step I used a glassfibre pen to smooth and soften the parts. Worked quite well and since there are not so many details to take care of I managed to get a nice surface. Applying a layer of primer, 2 layers of color paint and one layer of matte laquer gave such a good result that you can't see any difference between this model and a mass produced commercially available one.
    In an earlier release of your message you raised the question about preparing a kit. No, I'm not going to issue a kit because this would become too cumbersome. Pushing all the 3rd party suppliers from several countries to deliver the various parts and the uncertain quality of SW printed items (think of print orientation!) plus the enormous effort to set up an instruction manual for the assembly of the kit, makes selling kits a non-profit adventure.
    And lastly, since this is a one of a kind model I didn't document the building process with pictures. I'm sorry for that...
  8. schneidw
    schneidw New Member
    Hello Chassoz,
    I enjoyed the Puffing Billy site.
    If you want to build this Garratt I recommend to use cradles from the model trains market place. 3d print only the front, middle and rear shell above the chassis. With this approach you can avoid a lot of headache..
  9. bille1906
    bille1906 New Member
    Hi Werner
    Great job on your model
    I am building a live steam one in G scale (1:32) and am in the US
    I am wondering about the PLM green paint you used. The color looks a little more lime than those PLM photos I have seen but the color is never true on a computer screen.
    Can you share with me any research you did on the color and what you finally ended up using?
  10. schneidw
    schneidw New Member
    Hi Bille1906,
    I've done quite a bit of research regarding the color of this great prototype. First of all check the "Note on liveries" in the article at:
    http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/peclegg/sncf/articles/article_200 7_01.html
    It states that all the PLM's Garratts were painted in PLM green. That's what you also figured out. If you do further research you will find out that the color PLM green is nothing more than "vert réséda" or in English: reseda green. The RAL classification number is 6011.
    You can buy standard spray paint with this RAL number.
    I hope this helps a bit.
    If I can be of any help to your interesting project, just contact me.
    A lot of success with your project!
    Kind regards, Werner Schneider
  11. bille1906
    bille1906 New Member
    Hi Werner
    I will search out the #6011 color
    Thanks for your response
    I am posting the build on another site
    If you want I can send you a link when the body work is a bit more underway
  12. sbhunterca
    sbhunterca Well-Known Member
    Beautiful work, Werner!

    Steve Hunter
  13. bille1906
    bille1906 New Member
    Hi Werner
    I am not sure if the photos will take but thanks for your help. Here is my model with the 6011 paint

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