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    Have an idea but need help?

    We see many requests come into Shapeways via email and forums for people needing help realizing their ideas with 3D printing. Sometimes they have a sketch, sometimes they have a photograph, sometimes they have a 3D model they have started but can't get to the 3D printing stage.

    If you are looking for a modeler, the acceptable way to contact the modeler about a job is through PM or email (if provided by the modeler). There are a couple reasons for this, but it is primarily to keep the playing field fair for all modelers for hire.

    If you are shopping for the best price, then the modeler needed section is for you. Of course you could PM every modeler for hire, but you can just create a thread in the modeler needed section. If someone is interested in doing your project, they'll contact you.

    Now for your own benefit:

    Have a good idea of what you would like designed!
    Familiarize yourself with our materials and the requirements of these materials.
    The more information you can convey to the designer, that happier you'll be with the end product.

    Lastly, while this thread is a great place to find a modeler to help you, we also have an official Shapeways Designers for Hire Directory
    These are experienced 3D modelers who have been vetted by our team.[/url]

    Note: Please use your own discretion when entering into agreements with other users. Shapeways is not liable for any transactions that take place between users.


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