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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by mctrivia, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. mctrivia
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    it would be nice if i could design a part that is made of several smaller parts.

    so i could have a product with:

    b1 to b6.stl

    the customer needs

    a + b


    a + b1 to b6.stl

    the customer can chose different material for each but they w8uld be grouped together and have a set markup for entire thing.

    kind of an instant co create with different material options. if you wanted to do now you have to create each separately and make the customer find and order the other parts separately.
  2. bitstoatoms
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the suggestion, will pass it on to the development team.
    for now though,
    If you make a shop section and put all the individual parts in the section you could give a buyer the URL for the shop section.
    There are options to do this using the 'share it' button to email or send via a plethora of social media applications.


  3. mctrivia
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    how do i link to a shop section?