Griffon + owl= Owlgriffon miniature

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Catwell, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Catwell
    Catwell New Member
    3WAY.jpg I haven't posted anything on this forum yet so i thought it was about time,

    Here's my Big Owl Griffon in fd, totally pose-able too!
    More models are in production as i type this
  2. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Very nice. What size? Hand painted by you using what paints?

  3. pdb
    pdb New Member
    stunning work mate
  4. Catwell
    Catwell New Member
    Big thanks, its good to know when people like a piece of work it drives me forward to make the next one.
    It's about 10x10x10cm in this pose and i painted it with Gw and vallejo
  5. skatersollie
    skatersollie New Member
    very nice..
  6. Psychobob
    Psychobob New Member
    Very cool! Did you weight the base or stick it down? (Just because it looks as though it would tip forward otherwise)
  7. Catwell
    Catwell New Member
    Yeah the base did flex a little, the models lightweight but it still has angled pressure. theres 2 2ps stuck to the bottom to give it some weight, a thicker base would also solve the issue.
  8. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    That model is awesome Cat! I use Vallejo paints on my prints too... great paint work!