Greetings from outer space!

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by madox, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. madox
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    Just a friendly hello to say "Hi!"...or "I'm back" :)

    I've left the Shapeways fun for a bit due to a hectic personal life here and the plummeting Australian Dollar... but life is easing up and I've allocated myself several hundred each month on hobby I should be back shortly! :)

    Still a few 'mechanical' projects on my mind that I'll like to build using either Shapeways or Ponoko or a combination of both. Should be fun!

    Anyone else other than daddymack from down under?
  2. We welcome you, "Madox-From-Outer-Space" and will convey your greetings to our leader! (Or we would, if John Keyes wasn't utterly hopeless).
    Yes, you guessed it, I'm from New Zealand. Which puts us on the same hemisphere, if not necessarily on the same Shapeways thread. The $NZ is likewise not terribly exciting at this time, but fortunately there was only the one model I really wanted, and I managed to get it through before the terrible Recession of Doom.
    So although you might not from me again in future, I thought it'd be nice to respond to your post and let you know that We Are Not Alone! Yes, there are other strange creatures from outer space prowling through the air vents of the Shapeways forum, and some of them are from New Zealand.

    O)> <(O <-Scary alien monster with great big eyes.
  3. Whystler
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    Welcome back Madox!

  4. robert
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    I second that! :laughing:

    At least to help you out somewhat on the currency exchange issue we lowered our price for SLS with 10% in March.

    - Robert