Greetings! from New Hampshire USA

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  1. cheops
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    Greetings! Puzzle friends.

    Hi there ! I am a senior-citizen (02/15/1945) puzzle collector/craftsman from New Hampshire, USA .

    I am probably the only serious collector in this state -- at least no one has come forward to rebuff me on that fact .

    It thrills me to discover new puzzles and their retail sources.

    This website -- even though the puzzles displayed here is but a small segment of it -- is truly a wondrous adventure into a land of great creativity through a great many genres.

    The browsing is massive. The items are awesome.

    How I got here is by pure chance. During my nightly surfing for new puzzles on the web, I chanced upon Richard Gain's puzzle creations in microcubology -- in particular, the Steady State cube. All his miniatures are absolutely bodacious.

    I currently run my own website proudly displaying all the puzzles/brainteasers I've collected through several years.

    As a craftsman, I also have a special page displaying all of my creations:

    When someone asks me, "what kind of puzzles ?" do I have, I simply answer them,
    "almost everything other than ordinary cardboard/plastic/wood jigsaw puzzles"
    (although I do have a limited-few plastic 3D jigsaw puzzles from Mag-Nif Inc. which still has an ongoing website).

    . . . . . The entire website is family-oriented, and is rated 'G' for Goodness . . . . .

    One will also get a sense of awe when browsing the pages; besides getting bombarded with a plethora of animated enhancements, there is also a wealth of information that accompanies each of the pictures .

    If you have a chance, feel free to browse.

    Thank you for your time.
    Well, back to browsing this website.

    So long for now.
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  2. gibell
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    Hi Richard,

    I am glad you have joined this site!! I see that you are already more advanced than me at jazzing up your text!! :D :laughing:

    You should make some of your puzzles in "Strong White and Flexible". Like maybe your "Sphere" or "Surprise"? The best ones to try are those that are hard to make from wood, but of course normal cube-based burr puzzles are easy to make out of plastic and great to try too.

    One tip to find all the puzzle shops on Shapeways. Go to Shops and leave the search box empty, but in the category select "Puzzle". Hit Search.

    It is snowing here in Colorado!

    -George Bell
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  3. cheops
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    Hi George !

    I regret that Colorado already has snow. We have a couple of months to go here (if we're lucky) before we get any.

    What would be really neat is to have one of Ronald Kint-Bruynseels' puzzle designs like :
    Clarissa Burr or Sheffield Steel 6BB or No Nukes! be done in a colored transparent scheme.

    I am currently interested in purchasing one of Richard Gain's puzzles in the microcubology department : Steady State Cube. But I wish one of the color schemes to be offered could be a colored transparency. Sorry, I have an affinity for colored transparency. What can I say?
  4. gibell
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    For colored transparent puzzles, it is hard to beat LUCITE. I've often thought of purchasing lucite cubes and gluing them together to create puzzles. If you use special glue and the faces are perfectly flat, the joint disappears! Lucite-working is a specialized skill, though.