Greetings from DC!

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    Hey, Y'all!

    My name is Daniel, and I am a *relatively* recent (six-years) transplant to the DC Metro. I moved here from LA, where I used to sculpt professionally. I have worked for Marvel, under Phil Ramirez, as well as having done some sub jobs for other notable clients.

    I've dabbled in the 3d interface for years, ever since MAYA was available on the Intergraph platform-- but I was never a very serious user.

    These days, I'm a bit older, and a bit slower-- and since Rapid Prototyping has become something that the consumer has direct access to (unlike the days when corporations had the SLA machines, and gave you low-rez blanks to dress up), I've become keenly interested in making my own armature.

    BUT... I've never actually DONE it, so I'm guessing that most of you know infinitely more than I do about the subject. I'm here to learn, and to help, whenever possible.

    I should also mention that I am a Linux user, so... finding 3d tools is something I could use a little help with.

    Best To You All!

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Welcome to Shapeways! I can't help you much with the linux, but head down to the 3D applications section, and you should be able to find some helpful info. And if I can find the time, I should be having at least one more Mid-Atlantic Meetup if you can come out to the Baltimore area to meet other Shapeways members.
  3. Sh4pka
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    Looks like Blender is the beast to learn. Downloaded it before I realized it was standard on Fedora 16. Still... at some point in the near future, we may be speaking the same language.