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    just want to say hi_my name is tom and i am interested in anatomy sculpture. i studied product design and had some sketchy act-courses there. Because of this interesting courses i try to draw human anatomy forms in 3d on an wacom15x. I like to show some of my work and print an object. But i don`t know if my 3d model is 100% technically correct to print. think i will learn more about this...greetings to shapeways and friends. beatlejuice

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    Hi beatlejuice, good to meet you!

    It sounds as though you're still learning about what types of designs are feasible when it comes to 3D printing. In order to help you get up to speed, you can head to our Materials page. Then, if you click on any of the specific materials and scroll down, and find the design rules for that material. Keep in mind that each materials has its own set of rules.

    Hopefully that'll help you on your way. I look forward to seeing your work in "It Arrived". :)