Greetings from Belgium (a DAE student)

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by LuCh, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. LuCh
    LuCh New Member
    Hello everyone

    I'm a Belgian student in Digital Arts & Entertainment.
    That includes a lot fo 3D.
    We also have a 3D printer at our school but nothing as impressive as what you can do with shapeways. Only in some basic grey plastic and very rough so seeing you can also print in metals and very flexible materials as you guys showed on your blog looks awesome!

    I'm certainly looking forward to testing this and letting you guys make a 3D model of mine in real life.

    Btw, I'm thinking of ordering a print of a selfcreated 3D model and show a comperisson of the model and the print on my portfolio.
    Can I put a reference and link to shapeways underneath it?
    I'm guessing this isn't a problem but I'm asking anyway just to be sure!

    Again, I'm looking forward to using this technology and I'm probably gonna order a material sample kit soon.
    A pitty that it doesn't icnlude all the materials though.
    I would love to see silver, ceramics ans glass in there too.
  2. Kaetemi
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    Hi there, welcome! :)
    I'm a DAE graduate. Maybe you should come over once to check out some of the stuff I have lying around here.
    Any link to your portfolio?