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    Hey there!

    I'm Henrieke, a 21 year old female cartoon artist from the Netherlands.
    I've been interested in 3D printing since I was a kid, and though I have been following Shapeways for quite a while now I only just found out I'm located only 3 miles (!!) from their location in Eindhoven. How about that!

    I'm an illustrator and cartoon artist, I mostly work the old fashioned way, with ink, brush, pencil and paper. My drawing style is also traditional, I'm mostly inspired by artwork from the 30s-50s.
    I have never tried 3D modeling on the computer yet, mostly because my hardware is horribly outdated. I hope to buy a graphics card soon that makes modeling possible, because my hands are itching!
    I do occasionally make things in 3D for my own enjoyment, from small sculptures to puppets to full-body costumes. Making puppets and costumes is very interesting and challenging, not only because you get to create a character in three dimensions, but because it has to be wearable, durable and be brought to life as well!
    Some costume heads I've made:
    If you're interested in my other artwork, you can see some here: (includes drawings, sculptures and some other stuff)

    Anyway, more on topic...
    Recently a friend of mine (found on here as Brian123) turned my lemur character, Kiki, into a 3D model with the intention of printing it here. He stayed exceptionally close to my artwork, and we both ordered a test print from shapeways, which should arrive in a week or so. After that we can see what could be changed on the model to make it look best as a 3D print, and work out a final post so we can put up an actual figurine for sale. I'm very excited to see the end result!
    See the attachment for Brian's 3D model.

    This is the original artwork it was based on: iki.png iki.jpg uck.jpg

    Sorry for the long introduction, I just want to say I really love this site and I hope to become an actual contributor soon!

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    Welcome! If you want to turn more of your puppets, sculptures, all over 3D items into models, check out 123D Catch formally photofly. You can take pictures of your existing work and create a 3D model from it.