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    We are Heather and Joe, two software and maker geeks from Seattle, WA, USA.

    Neither of us has a true CAD background, but Heather has utilized a variety of CAD software packages on a hobbyist level. Both of us have a strong interest in 3d printing - everything from the basic reprap to voxels, and hope to work with related devices for future projects.

    Presently, we have an HCI software package that has been in the works for several years, and is about to get demo'ed to investors. We have a few designs that we're mucking up but are hoping to see what the project, which is very physical design open, brings up in the brains of others and maybe even find a partner to create some industrial design packages to go with permutations of the software. We are also hoping to learn more about sourcing for parts for runs of a few thousand at a time, as one avenue we would like to pursue whether or not investor meetings lead to anything, is setting up our own productions of some permutations of the software and devices.

    Essentially, this is all very new and exciting stuff at a very new and exciting time! We look forward to seeing what this design community is all about. : - )

    Heather and Joe
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    Welcome! Sound interesting and technical. Can you share some designs with us, or some insight to what you are designing?
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    Hi Mad Moder,

    For the HCI software, a basic overview is that it presently provides a framework to control your computerized devices more efficiently using either a 5 or 10 key device. It can control everything - screen switching, swift movement around the screen, typing, etc. with 5 (1 hand) or 10 keys (2 hand - probably 2 groups of 5 keys, but that's up to the designer : - )) - which provides more efficient hand motions than keyboard/mice combos, reduces repetitive motion likelihood by a lot, and a host of other benis. So, if you are juggling, working at your desk, want a device that can do all of this built into your pants or just about anywhere, this software can facilitate that.

    It leaves the doors super wide open for designs.

    Here's a posting with more details: amp; amp;start=0&

    If there's a desire for a design or 2 to be seen by the investor groups - which would be pretty great exposure for anyone so inclined as the company who's varied groups we are demo'ing to has a lot of opportunities - then they would need to be in in the next couple of weeks to allow for fitting them into the presentation and figuring out how to prototype them, etc. Otherwise, the deadline is floating - pretty much determined by the design being submitted and verified once we start the crowdfunding route. :cool:
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