Greeting from Matt in Indiana

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    Being a cuber, I heard of this site quite often. It wasn't until this year did I decide to make an account. So far I have only bought one item, but I like this site already. I admire the greats like Oskar Van Deventer,David Pitcher,Gregoire Pfennig, Tom Vander Zanden, or Timur Evbatyrov. I might plan on designing here in the future, but as for now, I am a buyer and enthusiast. People always look at shapeway's prices and call it overpriced. But once I tell them what hard labor and tedious detail they have to go through to get a wonderful product to the buyer, they start to understand. Thanks for reading, and this is Matt MasterMind signing out.

    P.S. MattoMasutaMaindo is Japanese, and literally translates out to "Matt MasterMind". I chose this because... to be honest it just sounds cool!

    Edit: Sorry I posted 3 times, I had a computer problem at the time of posting this!
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  2. MitchellJetten
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    Well welcome Mr Mastermind :)

    Enjoy your stay at Shapeways!

    As for the people that do not know these names, look around at Shapeways for "rubiks puzzles" you will most likely find their puzzles :)