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  1. Hello,

    We are PHOENIX RISING CERAMICS - an entirely unique ceramic manufacturer - producing unrivaled objects in true, high-fired, traditional porcelain and earthenware for our clients.

    Since we use rubber molds to form objects (a proprietary, trade secret process we pioneered for our use only), we can produce detail never seen before in the world of ceramics. In fact, we are the only ceramic company in the entire world that is using rubber molds for reproducing porcelain or indeed any class of ceramic.

    We can form extremely complex forms with deep undercuts, reticulation (filigree) as fine as a piece of paper, through-holes and multi-colored Jasperware (like Wedgwood's white on blue background classical figures). Naturally, objects that can only be formed utilizing 3D Printing (such as a shape within a shape within a shape) we would not be able to mold nor would anyone.

    You may have considered online 3D Printing in ceramic. For one thing it is not true porcelain – a material that has a long, respected history. We ask you to decide for yourself the beauty of our products compared to the Woolworth's look of the 3D Print glazed ceramic. They use opaque glaze to mask the porous nature of their ceramic. A glaze that we feel you will agree is most unattractive and gives the end product a 'cheap' look. Our casts, on the other hand, are simply stunning in their own (unglazed) right.

    We can produce anything from decorative objects to industrial /interior design products to extremely precise and exacting technical ceramics, medical and aerospace parts. We are even able to sandwich reticulated ceramic with (colored) glass to produce stunning tiles, room dividers, windows, etc.

    We are also available to only make highest quality silicone rubber molds over your 3D Print even if you do not want porcelain casts made. Utilizing our proprietary materials, we are able to safely mold Shapeways' WSF plastic – a porous plastic Shapeways considers problematic to mold.

    A few examples of 3D Printed objects Shapeways has formed that we can mold and cast in porcelain are: "Lightpoem for LED candle" Designed by Shapeways; "Hyphae lamp" Designed by Nervous System; "Nuke Lamp" Designed by Veneridesign; 3D Fractal model : "Swirl Star" & "Sierpinski Temple" Designed by unellenu.

    We invite you to look at some of the objects we have formed utilizing our revolutionary technology by looking at our website

    We look forward to reproducing your products!

    Best regards,
    George Engel
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    Buddy... a small advice: if you cant afford hosting your own domain name this doesn't reflect well on your business.

    You may have a great product... that could interest some of us designers but that's not the way to go..

    Spamming different forums and using private PM... :confused
    - You should know this is an intelligent crowd you're pitching to - act accordingly and you might get orders..

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    I agree with what Dizingof said; I also think that you need a proper website as the Blogspot page you have not only takes a long time to load with the huge number of images on it but there also seems to be a lack of any contact or ordering information on there.