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    Hi, this site has immediatly got me interested to see what could be created, and i have always wondered why some starships are not turned into models,so i looked at how to export models to shapeways from google sketchup, but sadly i do not have the programs needed to do it
    if you have the programs in this tutorial: rt_to_stl_tutorial
    then your help in this would be greatly appreciated,
    there are in total 7 models that i would like to be exported,
    if you are interested in doing this, please contact me at:
    i'll email you the files for you to export
    (im not sure how to put a file in the post, if there is a way then please say and i shall to save time =) )

    JACANT Well-Known Member
    If you read STEP 1 again on the tutorial you refer to, you wil see there are links for the software you require. Meshlab is free. there is another program which is free
    Plus you can upload a DAE file from Sketchup.
    Maximum filesize: 64 MB. Supported filetypes: DAE, OBJ, STL, X3D, X3DB, X3DV, WRL, ZIP. ZIP may contain all supported 3d files and textures. Textures files(GIF, JPG, PNG) are only available for color uploads(WRL,X3D,X3DB, X3DV files).
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