Gold Plated Coin, Success!

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by AlanHudson, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Decided to prototype a gold coin using the new gold platted brass. Man did it come out sweet! Feels nice and heavy and makes a sweet ringing sound when flipped. The resolution of the printing is awesome. Got the proportions a bit wrong on the inner bits verses the outer part, one more rev and I think I'll have it right.

    The only part I'm dissattisfied with is a the background layer. is has a slight texture to it where I assume it could be polished smooth. Not a huge deal but its not as perfect as a real modern stamped coin. So areas where they can't easily polish will have some texture to them.

    Fair warning, I'm a Shapeways employee so possibly biased but still really excited.

  2. wedge
    wedge New Member
    looks great.
  3. MrNib
    MrNib Well-Known Member
    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

    Really? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  4. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Yes, we have some very playful graphics designers working for us :)
  5. chapeuxpyrate
    chapeuxpyrate New Member
    Allen, perhaps you could help me with a question ~ I am designing coins and so need to have both sides of the mesh printed with detail ~ I am either using Detail Plastic or Frosted Ultra Detail ~ I know you printed in gold plated, but I am hoping you or someone at Shapeways could advise me on the matter ~ I just got back a pendant (printed)~ not a coin, but the same concept ~ needing detail on all (both) sides ~ the back was perfect ~ but the front was rather less than perfect (being kind here ~ how the tech decided to orient the piece to favor the plain back and not the detailed front is a whole other issue :confused ) ~ the pendant was printed in White Detail ~

    Is this a matter of the type of material? I see your coin printed fine both sides ~ but I am not printing in metal ~ as my purpose is to print a plastic master to cast into a RTV Silicone mold for Pewter casting ~ I found a reference that pointed to Frosted Ultra Detail as a material that prints fine on all sides ~ but I am not sure if that reference is all that dependable ~

    My first thoughts for a fix is to cut the model in two halves and set both pieces in a single STL file ~ then join them once printed to make the double sided coin master ~ but it would be better not to have to do that and just work with one two sided coin mesh.

    Your thoughts would be most appreciated.
  6. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    What is the size of the coin? Great resolution for a half-inch diameter, only so-so if six inches wide :twisted:
  7. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    US half-dollar size, 30.61 mm (1.205 in)
  8. chapeuxpyrate
    chapeuxpyrate New Member
    My Typical Coin size will be 1.75"

    I am wanting to print in a material (non metal) that will be for the master to then make RTV Silicone Molds for pewter casting. My main issue is that it should that the print should be high clean detail on both sides ~ Like I said, I have read a couple reference to Frosted Ultra Detail as the material that prints quality 360 degrees ~ I just want to be sure this is true before I start throwing any more money (and time waiting for results) at prints.

    See example of a custom coin I am designing for a performing pirate.