gold coin (shipwreck treasure)

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    Hi all,

    Looking to get some help on a project. My mom collects lapel pins from every national park she visits. Recently she visited the British Virgin Islands over her birthday, including several of their national parks, but to her disappointment no one sold pins. I had the idea to custom make her a pin as a birthday present. Great idea, at least I think, but easier said than done.

    I was thinking of having it simulate a gold coin, like what would be found from a shipwreck or pirate's treasure chest. About 1 to 1-1/4" diameter, with the text BVI in the center and NATIONAL PARKS circling around the bottom, all on the face, along with some appropriate decoration to make it look like a coin. Would make it from the gold plated stainless steel material on Shapeways.

    I have run in to two problems so far... First, I do not have the creative ability to come up with something I really like, and second, I am concerned about the raised/sunken text. The text would be quite small, and I am worried about it actually showing up.

    The limits listed on the material page make this project look very difficult, however, I have the Ant model printed in stainless steel, and it has very small features and they certainly were printed and are very strong. So I am at a loss to what will really work and what wont. At $25 minimum per piece I do not want to learn how to make small features work by trial an error.

    If anyone was interested in helping me out, had ideas to share, or want to really dive into this project, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.


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