glazed ceramics models

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    We need to know:

    - what is the coefficient of thermal expansion of the base material used for the glazed ceramics models?

    - is it possible to get the printed model without the ceramics glaze?

    - how much does the material shrink when fired?
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    I'm not sure about the first point, I know the final product is safe up to 500 degrees Celsius. For 2, no you can not order unglazed. And for shrinkage, I'm not sure but the tolerance for ceramics is high because of shrinkage, glazing, and other steps in the process that can cause variations.

    Check out the ceramics page and design rules for more.
  3. Hi I don't know if this has been asked before, but after extensive search (and review of the ceramics design rules) I still have a few questions regarding Ceramics, and I though I'll ask here.

    First off all, is the glaze, sprayed on, brushed or are figures dipped on it? I ask this, because I am creating a figure with a hollow interior with minor cuts and would like to know just how much thickness am I adding (1mm glaze each side).

    Second, the recommended thickness for a 120mm wall is 3mm, but if its just 90 can I lower it? or is it 3mm the minimum?

    Third, the wall thickness.. any chance the 3mm is with the glaze on? 1mm glaze+1mm ceramic+ 1mm glaze? Or is it 1mm glaze+ 3mm ceramic+ 1mm glaze total 5mm thickness?? Because 5mm I think feels thick for a espresso cup..

    Fourth it is mentioned that we must have an obvious bottom for the piece, (and I think mine does, well sort off) but just to play on the safe side, how do I mark the bottom? Will my signature at the bottom be sufficient?