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  1. Giorgi
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    Hello everyone,

    I came across this page while searching for a 3D printing companies, for the necklace I designed for myself. Then I saw, I could do way more in here rather than to print my necklace and go home.. I found it fascinating, all the possibilities this company offers.
    I studied industrial design and architecture, but later on I moved to advertising, and so far I'm Creative Director in my own advertising agency here in Georgia ( Advertising is my life, but industrial design was always something I felt passionate about.
    I'm not skilled in 3D software but I have lots of contacts/friends who are eager to help me in this one.

    I'm deeply excited to be part of Shapeways and looking forward to deliver more stuff in here.
    My shop will be on soon, still trying to get Paypal account and make it work.
    I'm new here, so If you have any ideas, advices, how I can be useful in cooperation, or how can I improve myself in this community you are more then welcome to contact me!

    All the best from Georgia!

    Giorgi Popiashvili
  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team

    We also have some easy creators that you can try your hand at. They don't require any 3D design knowledge.
  3. Giorgi
    Giorgi New Member
    Thank you! I'll have a look and consider that! :)