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  1. JohnReevesTaylor
    JohnReevesTaylor New Member
    Hey everyone,

    Great work - I have enjoyed looking through the Shapeways site at all your clever designs, photographs and stories. I have done my best to match the high standard with my own designs and shop. This is my first forum post and although I have known about Shapeways for just six months I was waiting till I had finished Stage One of my SplyneWinder project before introducing myself. My name is John Reeves Taylor and this is my story.

    When I sat down in front of my computer in Dec 2011 as I do almost every day, it started out just like any other day, emails, spreadsheets, web browsing, accounts, phone calls all those things that keep a business operating. I'm an export consultant and I help my clients access $ from the Federal Govt. here in Oz. What was different on that day and why I am introducing myself to you all, is because on that day I discovered ShapeWays 3D print online marketplace and just thought that was about the best idea ever.

    My interest in design was instantly revitalized ( I studied Industrial Design along time ago and earned my degree from the University of South Australia) I haven't practiced design for a long time. In those days computers were barely available on a desktop and the idea of 3D printing was quite literally in its infancy. When I was at design school 3D printing was the future and here it is and it is very cool.

    I was inspired by all the different designs that everyone in the SW community has created, by the opportunity to make and sell, by the licensing model offered by Shapeways and I desired "having a go" myself. My SplyneWinder range of rolling toys is imbued with that desire and created with that inspiration.

    I just love the idea of creating a design uploading the file and having Shapeways print in my material of choice and I even enjoy the wait for UPS to deliver my 3d print, it is exciting (I usually hate waiting for anything). Yes they even deliver to Australia. (Costs $20 and that hurts.)

    In the process I have learnt to use some 3D software learnt about mesh and stl files and new materials, blogs and online promotion techniques (I was encouraged and motivated by Duann's seemingly never ending suggestions of how to present promote and benefit from the Shapeways opportunity) I've taken photos, made movies, uploaded and downloaded and generally had a fun time and I am looking forward to lots more. I have opened a shop played with my kinetic 3D prints and sold some product. All good!

    I have received great support from the Shapeways Service Team along the way and couldn't have done it without their help. Thanks to Ralph, Maartje, Kevin, Christel, Joost, Michon, Mitchell and Gary. Especially Mitchell for his patience with my endless questions about how to do stuff and helping when things went wrong or I didn't understand.

    If you have the time ...


    <a href="http://" target="_blank">

    Contact me at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    Cheers everyone,

    John Reeves Taylor

  2. duann
    duann New Member
    Welcome. Great to see another Aussie, from Radelaide no less....

    Keep it awesome.
  3. robogumby
    robogumby New Member
    hi John,
    Great to see another Aussie, I came to shapeways in late 2010 but have only recently come back. I agree the shipping can seem a little expensive but i hate waiting longer than i have to so would probably pay for the ups sipping option anyway.

    Your products look very interesting and i look forward to videos of seeing them in action
  4. JohnReevesTaylor
    JohnReevesTaylor New Member
    Hi RoboGumby,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I didn't know - is there an alternative to UPS?

    Video at YouTube

    If you like video - can you share via twitter or your face-book hoping to get most views etc Not sure if there is protocol around asking others to share - thought I would ask and you tell me if a problem.

    I did put these links in my Introduction post and they didn't show up Bummer!

    I do like your prints. I am interested in geometry shapes and have another product exploiting that opportunity - it is called connectawz and I intend to launch within the next 12 months - all being well. What software are you working with?
  5. robogumby
    robogumby New Member
    There is currently no alternative to UPS. In the very start of shapeways they did free shipping to Australia. That has long since changed.
    As for software. I use several applications Topmod 3d, blender and an old version 3ds max.
    Design process is quite varied from pencil sketches, pipe cleaners, balsa wood or just doodling in 3d.

  6. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    Welcome to the community

    Very nice shop. Not everybody goes to such length with their setup. Nicely done.

    And some interesting toys, too :)

    Karl Heinz
  7. JohnReevesTaylor
    JohnReevesTaylor New Member
    Hey Karl,

    Thank you for your feedback and for the welcome.

    I had noticed difference re how others arrange their set up and I was keen to do as good a job as I could - mainly to push the limits or my understanding - in the process i learnt a lot.

    I see that you are into miniatures and in particular aircraft - very impressive - I am left wondering how you get such good detail at that size and with the limitations (minimum thickness) of 3D printing. I also really like the idea of printing groups of models - clever idea
  8. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    Hi John

    The rendered picture has whatever details you design in your tool ;)
    Some of the detail you see on my renders is at the lower level of the printing resolution and you can see it only vaguely on the actual prints. So the rendered picture is about as true as any advertisement :p
    But I certainly don't design details that are far below what will come out - too much work.

    The other issue are the design rules, especially thin walls. With experience, you learn where you can thicken parts while the item still looks good and what parts should be better left off.

    The idea to make several models as a group isn't mine :blush: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

    Karl Heinz

  9. JohnReevesTaylor
    JohnReevesTaylor New Member
    Hi Karl,

    I didn't stop to think that these were renders - that explains it all.

    I have seen the mew possibilities in shapeways labs which can enable sets to be sold does that work for your ideas?