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    Hi all,

    I have been experimenting with the various materials offered by Shapeways lately. My goal is to go a bit further than the raw output, and get a result that looks smooth enough when primed or cast ...

    (for instance, the Detail and Colored Sandstone materials look fantastic out of the print, but once primed they tend to reveal either the print stripes for the resin, or the grain for sandstone)

    Ironically ... I love Sandstone. Its the cheapest, lower quality but! it's very easy to wetsand, drill and cut.

    So here goes :

    The open hand has been wetsanded, then rubbed with White Miliput and water, then dry sanded, then primed with heavy Krylon primer (makes the surface more even than the fine Tamiya primer). One layer was enough.

    The fist has been wetsanded aswell, but filled with dilluted green putty. (very easy to dillute in alcohol). Then same thing, drysand and 1 layer of Krylon grey primer.

    To get things a little smoother I plan to seal/coat them with clear varnish, make rubber molds, cast in Castilene (wax) and work from there.

    Scale is the usual 1:6. On the left is the raw output in Colored sandstone. Tip of the fist was testprimed in MrSurface1000, open hand in Krylon again (both to reveal how CSandStone looks like when opaque)


    Hope this helps!
    [forgot to mention : hands were polymodelled (possible programs to do so : 3DSMax, Maya, Silo, Blender....) then sculpted in Mudbox (equivalent of Zbrush). The fully detailled 3D scene has more detail than this, but I only exported a low level of subdivision since at this scale it wouldnt make any difference...]

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    cool stuff. have you had any luck polishing color sandstone? i just received my first color print, and the lines really detract from the color image (which turned out quite a bit darker than expected).