Get Api Info Call Failing

Discussion in 'Shapeways API' started by Carlos2k10, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Carlos2k10
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    Hi fellow API users,

    I have been having issues to run the get api info call from python as it returns an unknown error
    but for the looks of it the reason and result might be wrong as the information is there
    The code is made in python and I have been using both OAuth1 and OAuth2 with similar results:

    >>> response = requests.get(url ="", headers=authorization_header)
    >>> response.json()
    {'reason': 'Unknown error', 'result': 'failure', 'rateLimit_Window_InMinutes': 5, 'rateLimit_Remaining': 149, 'rateLimit': {'limit': 150, 'windowInSeconds': 300, 'history': {'201712141834': 1}, 'remaining': 149, 'retryInSeconds': 0, 'retryTimestamp': 1513276468}, 'rateLimit_Limit': 150, 'rateLimit_History': {'201712141834': 1}, 'rateLimit_OkToGo_InSeconds': 0}