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    At first hi everybody at shapeways!
    I am absolutely new to 3D printing and therefore i have some questions regarding threads :) If I add for example an external M24 thread onto hollow tube with a certain thickness, is this in first place considered in the 3D print and is it possible to print standard ISO threads anyways?

    If not, is the frosted detail material capable beeing threaded afterwards?

    Best regards and thanks in advance :D
  2. Printed parts are not as accurate as machined ones. That being said, you could definitely print a pair of threaded parts that will fit together properly. It might take a few tries to get the pair to mate properly, though. What may be more expedient is to make the threads a bit on the tight side and then "chase" the threads with a tap or die as appropriate to get a good fit. This will have far less cutting force involved, since so little material would be getting removed, compared to a plan bore or shaft, thus making it fairly easy to thread relatively delicate parts.
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    I was able to print a model that fit a standard 1/4" x 20 threaded rod (off the shelf rod). It can be done if you're careful. Check ISO, SAE, SME or similar specs before designing. I also added a bit of extra play to account for the stated material tolerances. (rounding the tips of the threads, etc.) Material choice makes a difference too as each material has it's own printing tolerances. The model I printed was Polished and Dyed Strong and Flexible (Nylon-based).
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