Gem cutting services..?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SGDesigns, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. SGDesigns
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    I'm starting on a new project and will require setting some stones. I already have some already cut but I'd love to see some of my rough sapphires or rough emeralds cut to any shape I want. The colors are electric and translucent. Only problem is I don't know where to go. If anyone knows a reliable spot with good prices that cut large gems between 10cts - 50cts, any help is appreciated.
  2. VeryWetPaint
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    Synthetic Gems offers gems cut to custom shapes (see their Fancy Shapes section). But they have a fairly high minimum quantity because they cater to the gem trade.

    Alternatively, search the web for the terms custom lapidary and you should find lots of services and people talking about services they've used.
  3. SGDesigns
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    Hey, thanks man. That term helped me find a business 15 minutes from my home.