Gear Minx by OSKAR

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  1. Oskar_van_Deventer
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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    After seeing my Gear Cube, several people have suggested to me to build gears into a Megaminx. Such suggestions have been done both privately and publicly. Here is the result.

    Watch the YouTube video.
    Buy the puzzle at my Shapeways Shop.
    Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
    Check out the photos below.



    Gear Minx - prototype - view 1.jpg

    Gear Minx - prototype - view 2.jpg

    Gear Minx - prototype - view 3.jpg

    Gear Minx - prototype - view 4.jpg
  2. ana_xyz
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    This is so cool!

    Nice one, Oskar :)