Gauntlet of Hyrule

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    Hyrule Imperial Brace
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    this actually came to be because of a tattoo i decided to imprint on my arm, people were asking what i wanted drawn and i made it in 3d (since its my strong suit) well one click led to another and BOOM this brace was born.
    i enjoy it very much and it goes well with most of my dress shirts so its a double whammy .
    this actually concerned me in the building process i made it accommodate the average wrist so it scarred me that it wouldn't fit me. but ey it does so i guess its one size fit all then.

    id like to thank the shape ways team again , its a funny mix of emotions when your models dosent get printed because of 0.03mm . its made be more conscience when i model so thank you guys.

    it fits all ages mostly my little bro loves it as much as i do , (i might have to print another) . id love it if this would be featured .