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    This just arrived from i.competitive service. The model is hosted on Shapeways and has been ordered (and rejected) many times by shapeways reviewers, despite printing on my own printers just fine. While I can print my own models, many cannot and finding a reliable service has become a goal of mine.

    This particular print came out very nicely and with none of the rejections that have become a staple of Shapeways. So, for anyone struggling with strange, incomprehensible, or inconsistent errors from Shapeways review staff, I recommend looking elsewhere. This was printed at i.competitive service. I will try Ponoko next and post my experience with them.

    I specifically post this as I have noticed that Shapeways is losing designers to these reviewer gaffs; for example it looks like Dizingof has removed everything from this site and moved it all over to Thingiverse, Ponoko, and imaterialise. This print was 40% more expensive at imaterialise than the Shapeways quote, but I'm willing to pay more for something than less for nothing, and it seems others feel the same way. I certainly hope the Shapeways Rejection Process is revamped soon, as I really do prefer this site's storefront and overall presentation... but in the end it's the product and not the store that people care about.
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    Do u think the reason shapeways rejects the models is because quite possibly they want a higher degree of tolerance from models breaking because people are trying to sell models here..while other places your printing for yourself?
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    This model is for sale on i.competitive service. I suspect the issue is in reviewer education. Hence my point with designers jumping ship for less difficult shops.
    Part of the frustration is arbitrary errors... "fix" one and you're likely to hear another. While many people may accept made-up errors, those of us that operate printers are comfortable with the limitations of the technology and know when we have been lied to. I had a customer tell me a reviewer said they couldn't print this model in FUD because FUD requires 3mm wall thickness... that was a strange lie. The photos above are printed in nylon (WSF here) and printed OK.

    I used to think Shapeways used printers that were simply not as robust as the homebrew variety and were just more prone to faults, but now that I have access to almost everything Shapeways uses (sinterstation, Zcorp, Objet, Roland, Prometal, and Stratasys) I've realized the issues with nonsense rejections aren't technical.

    Hence my sharing here. This is an easily fixed issue; no new software or hardware upgrades needed. Cheap & Easy. 3D printing for the masses isn't magical & new any more, and more and more competitors are cropping up. Shapeways is still the leader in storefront presentation for now, but alienating customers and designers doesn't seem like the way to go for future growth.
    I want to see things get better, not slide back the way they have been... look up how many people can't print things that they have printed many times before... this is an issue that needs to be addressed before there's nobody left to care.
    Remember Myspace? Digg? These were the #1 web presence in their respective presence, but by alienating users they disappeared quickly. Shapeways is awesome, and leads in price per cm3, as well as in store design and ease of use for both customer and shop host... for now.
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    Are these print rejections happening in other materials, or just FUD? I saw last time you mentioned this rejection issue, you said that the customer said that the reviewer said it was a 1mm wallthickness for FUD. Just going by what I see and my experience with FD, I could totally see some of those thin lines not being able to hold together while the model gets cleaned in that kind of material.

    I mean, not to put to fine a point on it, your premise is correct, the rejections shouldn't be happening for the reason given or the rejections should be more consistent, but digging for more information doesn't hurt. I take it you've already tried contacting customer service/feedback to report the issue, too.
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    Hey guys,

    As always, we appreciate your input. The issues you have with shapeways are of highest priority right now. So tell us through the feedback site, email us, and post your questions and concerns here on the forum. Yes we have competitors, and they may have a thing here or there that they do better. So tell us what that is and we'll do our best to out do them. Lets just do it in a constructive manner.

  6. 7777773
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    @ Oracle - you're right. I want back and checked my mail - the FUD was claimed to need a 1mm thickness. I've made the same mistake that reviewer made, and tripled the actual number!

    Mike, I appreciate the input and look forward to changes.
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  7. Youknowwho4eva
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    Thank you sir, for being so understanding. Customer input is extremely valuable, especially frustrated customers and lost customers. That means we did something wrong, and it needs to be fixed. And without these customers telling us what we do wrong, we can't fix it.