Gameboy DMG shells

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    Well, I just joined today, so hi everyone! I'm pretty new to the 3d printing world but have flooded my mind with information on it in the past 3 days.

    Anyway, I have a purpose: To create a usable shell for the Nintendo Gameboy that will fit the hardware. Currently I have no way to accurately measure all the dimensions, so I'm thinking along the lines of 3d scanning. Could anyone here do that for me? I can order a Gameboy and send you the case if necessary. Battery covers of all kinds would be wonderful as well.

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for not getting bored and going to another topic by now :p

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  2. Nick_Heymer
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    I saw your post a while back and was hoping someone would be able to help you out, but I guess I'll chime in and bump it to the top.

    I have done a scale model of an advance including buttons but no original gameboy.

    I would like to help you out but the level of detail you want may take a while since I can only really model in my free time.

    Let me know if you want me to get started.

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